The original die / stamp used for making the awards

Notice the name change on the award,

also the Caduceus (snake wrapped around a staff)

was to be reversed.

Photos provided by Declan McHale, Marketing Coordinator.


With the design changes made the  award looks as we see them today, the reversal of the caduceus gives the award a much less cluttered look.

Job card showing various finishes and enamel colours

Job card detailing the various orders from Fairfield Hospital in 1965

This would have been the first time the hospital used this design of award


Job card detailing the orders for Fairfield Hospital  awards 1969/1976

This and the card above gives us a good indication how many of this type of award design was issued over the years

Card showing contact details for Fairfield hospital, Sheila Terry  Please get in touch if you see this.

Once again I would like to thank Declan McHale for taking the time and effort

to get in touch and send over these wonderful archive photos.

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