My collection of pictures of the infirmary, I took these pictures in Feb 2007

These buildings are now fully refurbished and are now lived in

Various views inside the Infirmary

The Infirmary had been closed for 8 years but some one had bothered to put in a new bin liner, probably knowing no one would ever use it.

I really wanted to but the banging upstairs put me off!

Ground floor looking in from the main entrance

Various views of St Luke's Chapel taken Feb 07

In the Artefacts section you will see a picture of  the original Victorian Chapel door key  also pictures of  the presentation trowel  used for laying the foundation stone in 1878


            Three views taken under the Chapel in Feb 07


More views taken March 07 showing main building and areas still to be refurbished

Most apartments have now been sold and the old place has life again, Some owners have reported some of the old inmates have not left yet!

All these buildings are now fully refurbished with people living in them

HBH crest

This stands for the three counties of Hertfordshire Bedfordshire and  Huntingdonshire

Higher window of toilet block {f 2}

looking out to the back of the main building


Window opposite the kitchen & ward office looking onto the main kitchens of the main buildings. The kitchen was originally the church before St Luke's was built


1st floor window {F 2} looking out of lounge 1974

Two views of the interior of St Luke’s Chapel

Top photo shows a very beautiful interior decked with flowers and the sun shining through the huge stain glass windows

Below photo shows St Luke’s interior as it is today {29/01/08}

 The seating , pulpit and alter  have gone and the chapel is full of building material.

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