There are  few publications that deal directly with Three Counties Asylum, Some books have a link to the old asylum in some way,this could be via chapters in  a certain book or written by a person who worked there. I have decided to group together the ones I know of with a description and photograph and also the availability and where to obtain the book from.


       Three Counties Asylum Books

 This book is  the most sort after of them all

“A Place In The Country”

Written by Judith Pettigrew, Rory W. Reynolds, and Sandra Rouse

The book deals with the in depth history of the Three counties Asylum and covers the opening in 1860 until its closure in 1998. An excellent book with many photographs and personal stories , Sadly long out of print so availability is very limited

copies do turn up on Amazon and eBay or You can try dealers in rare second hand books     

If you see a copy buy it

you will not be disappointed

This is the book that inspired this website!

This is a rare book indeed

                       Written by the Rev Arthur Monk the hospital chaplain in 1960

                                     “Fairfield Hospital Centenary  1860-1960”

This book was printed at Fairfield Hospital, it is a brief history of the first one hundred years of the old asylum 1st edition printed in 1960- reprinted in 1971 alas long out of print so very difficult to find. You can try  ebay ,Amazon or dealers in rare second hand books      

Reverend Monk  aged 67 eloped with a young girl  aged 19

 This made front page of the Daily Mirror and was reported on the 15th  October 1957

I  have only ever seen this copy

 It is a book of poems and creative writing by patients at Fairfield Hospital

The creative writing scheme was so successful that it became the focus of a television special This was called“Out Of Minds” The programme was broadcast on channel 4 on the 3rd  October 1986 The book is called:“Six Bullets”

     A rare book and very hard to come by

         You can try  ebay or Amazon or dealers in rare second hand books                                                 

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