Following on from my discovery of a Gold Fairfield Hospital Nursing Award,

I was amazed to get an e.mail from  Declan McHale BA (Hons)

Marketing Coordinator  of  Toye, Kenning and Spencer, the original manufacturer of the award.

 Declan  emailed to say :


After “Googling” Toye, Kenning & Spencer which I do on a daily basis to see what has been put online to do with our company, your website ( came up with the information of the Fairfield Hospital Badge. After reading through the information on your website,

I went to go and look through our record cards that we have (and there are millions)

I sifted through the “F’s” and came across Fairfield Bowling Club and then the Fairfield Hospital.

I have records of the badge dating back to 25th May 1965, also we have a die number which would be stored downstairs in our Jewellery Quarter Factory, in Birmingham. If you would like me to take any photographs of the information / badge die I have, please do not hesitate to contact me.


You can imagine my excitment to receive Declans e.mail and replied strait away!

A few days went by then these fantastic and historic photographs came through taken by Declan himself.






It is not often I get a follow up on one of my artefacts

 This time I have been lucky!  

  Please  Click On The Picture To View Declans Photographs


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Fairfield hospital Award Photos

Photos provided by Declan McHale, Marketing Coordinator.