1974 Fairfield Hospital Induction Manual

This would have been given to the new employee to learn the do’s & don’ts, the who, what’s , where, and when about the Hospital and surrounding area’s. This manual contains everything you would need to know if it was your fist time working at the Hospital. In it’s 65 pages it contains  :




plan of the Hospital and photographs ,  

Introduction,  Bedfordshire Area Health Authority, A Brief  History.


Departments And Their Functions.


                                                   Central Nursing,  Induction and Inservice Training,

Specialist Information available from the Central Nursing Office, Rehabilitation, School of Nursing, Occupational Health, Social Work, Pharmacy, The Supplies Organisation, Engineering, Hospital Transport, Fire Prevention, Building  Dept, Domestic Dept, Catering Dept, Garden Dept, Printing Dept, Laundry Dept, Sewing Room, Tailor’s shop, Security.

General Information.


Whitley Council, Structure of  the nursing organisation ...Overseas Students/pupil Nurses. Notes of Guidance, Expenses, travelling and subsistence allowance, Sickness leave, Sickness benefits, Absence from Duty (domestic), Absence from Duty (re notifiable absence), Maternity Leave, Compassionate Leave, Study leave, Jury Service or attendance at court as a witness, Income Tax, National Insurance, staff Salaries, Payment into Bank or Home address, Employees who are sick, Pay queries, Extra pay, Advance Of Pay, Hospital Property, Loss of Personal property (non-resident staff and resident staff), Staff Uniform, References (applicants and existing staff), List of voluntary organisations, Staff sport and social club,Voluntary helpers, Staff quarters, Hospital Library, Libraries in Letchworth, Hospital receiption Centre, woman’s Voluntary services, Religious Services, Gentleman’s Hairdressing Salon, Ladies  Hairdresser,  Banking Facilities, Car Parks, Notice give by Hospital authority, Cinemas, Telephones, Postal Boxes, Hospitals and Clinics, North Herts,General Practitioners, Dentists in local community, Schools in local area, Schools in Hitchin, Education in Letchworth, Shopping Facilities, Buses to Hitchin and Luton,Train timetable from Hitchin to London, Acknowledgements.


    The Manual contains many photographs and I have reproduced them on the next few pages

                                         We have some of the staff names, can you name any others?


A very BIG thank you to Leo Deazley for donating this manual to my collection.


rganisation, Engineering, Hospital Transport, Fire Prevention, Building Dept, Domestic Dept, Catering Dept, Garden dept, Printing Debt, Laundry Dept, Sewing Room, Tailors Shop, Security.

Wards Induction 1


Another BIG thank you must go to Ed Kavanagh,  Ed has been in touch to tell me  his good self , Cecil Wherry  and John Toman (Who Were his nursing officers), jointly compiled the manual in 1974 because new staff were coming to the hospital from many different countries.