From Left to Right:

Jack Batey (Malcolms Dad)

Alec Devereux

Clive Batey  (Malcolms Uncle)

Bill Archer

Busty ? (that was his nickname and he had a polish name but my Uncle cannot recall it)

Basil Cooper (butcher)

Reg Buck


Clive Batey – Head Cook

David Sytnyk (in glasses)

Lad at back with back to us – a work experience student

Graham Parcel

Gary Cullerton


The only information that we have on this photograph is its a Three Counties Bowls Club dinner party circa 1950

Two photographs sent in by  Ed Kavanagh, Thats him in the dirty shoes!

Ed told me to put that. This was taken  in a class room  prize giving, circa 1960s


The other group photograph includes Ted Ditchburn (Principal Nursing Officer), Frank Knights (Principal Tutor)


Mr Cuthbert the employment officer and his Fairfield Business Card

Photo of Jack Davies and Percy Robinson sent in by Mollie Jennings. Her Father was Clerk of the Works.

(the one in the apron)


A nice set of photographs sent in by Malcolm Batey,

They show the Three Counties Hospital kitchen staff.

Two of the photos show the staff with the food they have prepared for a New Year party

The other one shows the staff in an every day working environment.

Welcome to the Orphans Ward

 Here you will find photos or items related to Three Counties Asylum

I do not have enough information to give them Wards of their own

But the items or photos are interesting and stand alone as glimpses into the Hospitals past

If you have anything you would like to see here

Please let me know


A smiling Pat sitting at her switch board in Fairfield Hospital

Hi Rich Pat Here

I worked at Fairfield Hospital for three years from 1965 /1968

I left when I was 20 to start a family

When I first started at such a young age the lodge was around the other side of the building

During my time there it moved to the front of the building, just left of the main entrance

(as your looking at the front of the building)

I worked on the hospital telephone switchboard

At  that time there were 1000 patients plus many hundred staff  and it was the only line into the hospital , At times it was very busy!

I loved my time working at Fairfield I have to say I was very happy there

I was no stranger to the place, in fact a lot of it was familiar to me as my Dad was Stan Davey

He was a senior nursing officer and had worked at Fairfield for over 40 years, he started back in the days when it was known as Three Counties Hospital

One thing I enjoyed as a child was walking the wards with Dad at Christmas time

There was such a happy atmosphere

I remember one ward having a minor bird on it

I also remember Dad having a whistle which he blew during the hospitals fire drill

While working on the switch board many patients and staff would pass by the lodge

They  would stop and chat,we would have a bit of a giggle and a gossip

It was also the place where staff would hand in or collect their keys from the porter

It was a busy reception area for any one coming or going from the hospital

Day or night there was always some one about

                                                        Busy, but I enjoyed my time there.




Two  Fantastic photo’s sent in by Anne Fox

The first one shows some of the Three Counties Asylum staff in the late 1890’s

Joseph Billington is the young man far left, this chap was Anne’s great great grandfather

He became head gardener and worked his entire working life at TCA

Here we get to see the men behind the scenes

Gardeners, butchers, men in dirty oily aprons(engineers maybe)

Who ever they are whatever they did every man helped to keep the asylum running

A Splendid view inside St Luke’s chapel

This photograph was taken in the 1920s and was used as a post card

With all the flowers I wonder if this was Easter time?

It looks like it was a very sunny day and must have looked amazing with the sun beaming through the stained glass windows

It is such a shame that all the pews have now gone and the last time we had access it was full of builders material.

A fantastic early photograph of the Three Counties Asylum cricket team

We are unsure of the date but the clock tower has gone from the centre building

This means that the photo was taken after 1902  the clock tower had bee removed by this date

We know one of the team is a Mr Herbert but which one?

Any help or other names would be much appreciated

The Farmers at Three Counties Asylum reared their own cattle for milk and meat

Calves were born on a regular basis but none perhaps as strange as this

It is not two cows , it is in fact a two headed cow

It was still born but lucky for us some one thought it was rare and strange enough to take a photograph

The photo was taken circa 1890