Here we have a very rare book indeed, This is the only copy I have ever seen, its called

“Six Bullets”

The title being taken from a poem by Paul Daly. The book is the work of  The Fairfield Writers & David R. Morgan


Creative writing gave patients at Fairfield Hospital in the 1980’s a chance to put their thoughts down in the form of poetry.

Some poems highlight the sad side of being in a large mental health institution and others show a positive side, each writer telling their own story in poetry form.


Later to be a Channel 4 TV special titled “Out Of Minds” and broadcast on the 3rd October 1986,

My short forward here can not do this work justice so I have reproduced Marguerite Mullers book forward here, Her words are far greater than mine. I will reproduce many of the poems here for you to read and maybe provoke your thoughts, I intend no copyright infringements I just think this work should be out there for people to read as it is now part of Fairfield history.

If anybody  has a copy of the TV programme please e.mail me.


Wards Six Bullets Poem