A Very big thank you must go to Teresa Trinder for allowing me to publish her  collection of  photographs. Read Teresa’s brief story in her own words.


I feel like I worked my way up through the ranks! I started at Fairfield in my early 20s in 1984 as a domestic in the evening, then during the day. It was my introduction to people with mental heath problems and was an eye opener!!!

At this time The social club was the "in" place to be and where all the staff met to unwind. Some unwound more than others!!! Anyway I then decided to give the assistant bar steward job a go, which I did for 4 yrs and really enjoyed. However when the decision to close Fairfield came, the social club was the first casualty and it closed in about '92 I think.

Well I really needed a job and at the time the only thing going was in the hospital laundry. That was the worst job Ive had in my life!!! Purely by chance, a charge nurse from one of the wards wandered through the laundry one day and I jokingly said "Giz a job". Well before I knew it I was working as a nursing assistant in the rehab ward. To my amazement I loved it and I felt that I had found something that I was good at. I loved the whole atmosphere and really enjoyed working with people and making a difference. I stayed there untill the hospital finally closed and then I moved out to one of the purpose built units in Hitchin, with the patients.

Then when the Government made money available for nursing assistants to be seconded to do their training at uni.....I jumped at the chance and started in 2001. I’ve been a qualified staff nurse for 5 years now and I'm working in a long term mental health rehab unit in Hitchin.



  Teresa taking a break outside Bridgeway.


Patio area - Bridgeway

Reception area, front of building viewed from the cricket ground.

Front of the main building.

Female hall, back of main building viewed from the church.

M8 (orchard unit) viewed from the apple orchards 1998.