Hi Rich,

I am a translator and currently work as a visa officer for the Australian Embassy in Santiago, Chile

My great-great grandfather, was George Fowler Jones.(Three Counties Asylum  Architect)

Thank you so much for your very interesting website.

Kind regards,Teresa Contreras Palmer


Dear Rich

So happy to have found your website on the Three Counties Hospital ,Thank you for all your work in creating this website I have found it all so interesting ,

Kind regards Melanie Peterson , Grand -Daughter of  Dr Edward Menzies


Dear Richard,
I just want to say a HUGE thank you for the 3 Counties site. I am a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing ,

Your site is an absolute 'gift' thanks so much for the forum it is a fabulous piece of work.

Julie Owen -nee-Coan


Hi Rich

Great video brings all the memories flooding back. The social club where big Shaun used to single handedly throw out all the idiots who couldn’t take their drink at the Saturday night disco. The old hutted area elderly care wards and M10 and F11 admission wards. Nostalgia rules ok. Thanks for this peep into the long gone past.




Hello Rich, I was searching for chase hill farm when I came across your site; it brought back many memories for me,

Kind Regards Susan,



I am really pleased to see someone has done so much to preserve the memory of the old Fairfield Hospital online,

Kind Regards,Tina Dawson  


Good Morning Rich,

Thank you for hosting such an informative site on the Three Counties Asylum.

Thanks Rea.


Hi Richard

I have found your web site very interesting.

Kind regards,

Sue Holmes


Hi there,
This is a great resource for ex-Fairfield nurses such as myself ,

All the best,



Hi Rich,

Well done!,

Neil Whiteside, Fairfield Radio & Biggles F.M


Good afternoon,

First may I congratulate you on a fantastic website. I have spent much time looking for information regarding Fairfield hospital on the web and I must say your site is by far the most informative and entertaining.


Martin Cuthbert

Hi Richard,

Love the great site full of info. Must admit it kept me awake last night remembering all the old times and folk

Thanks for the memories (as they say). .Mary Di Marco


Hello Richard

I really enjoyed your website. You have a fantastic resource there

Faith Moulin



What a fantastic site you have constructed,

Thanks Peter Wrieden.


Hi Richard

Thanks for you reply. What a helpful and interesting person you are

.It has been great talking to and thank you very much.


Dave  Alderson.


Hi Richard

You are doing a great job keeping people in touch with each other and all the old memories alive. In fact if you didn't do it nobody would. A lot of people can be thankful for the effort you put into the website.

Lawrence Butterfield



just spent an enjoyable while browsing through your website, its really superb,your website is awesome

Ed & Nick


Hi Richard

I have just visited the website very good it is too.  I worked at Fairfield from 1987 until almost being the last person there turning out the lights in 1999!

Kind regards, Joan


Hi ya Rich

I've been reading your website regularly. Its fantastic!

Take care Gale


Dear Rich,

I have just read your excellent website on Fairfield Hospital.

Regards Alan














I thought you may like to see a small selection of  the wonderful comments I get sent to me via e.mail, keeping the site going and organising the Celebration Day takes up all my spare time  so when I receive such nice comments it makes all the work worth while, I enjoy building the site and I am so pleased that you seem to enjoy it to,

Thank you all,



Hello Rich

I have accessed your site following a copy of the Biggleswade Chronicle being sent to me by my brother in law. It is an excellent history of Fairfield Hospital, well done.

Lesley Henderson


Hello Rich,

what a wonderful day on Sunday and what a turn out. It was pleasing to see the interest shown by the public. Well done and Thank you .



Hi Rich

Congratulations on your successful exhibition. I'm sure you must have received a lot of visitors, Fairfield was a very busy place. And yes we did enjoy looking at all the artefacts



“I remember the camaraderie among both staff and patients. I worked with and missed some very interesting characters. It was a happy period of my life and I often think about the people and the place”



    “A happy place with an enormous sense of community. Not! The dark satanic [Mill?] as popularly believed!”


Steve Whitmill


Molly Jennings nee Davies


“My great aunt was matron (Margaret Robinson) in the very early days when it was called Asylum. My grandfather John Davies was Head Attendant (1920’s) and all my extended family worked there. My maternal grandfather Mr Fred Denman was tinsmith, organist and bandmaster for number of years during same time. My Dad took over as tinsmith when he retired and worked there until his death in 1952.


Molly Jennings nee Davies



“Very very scary hospital. Loony, mad, mental, spooky, spastic, death was imminent. Go there and die. Locked up. They won’t let me out.”


Julie Wandersop


“My Father died here in 1989 after being in care at Kempston. He had good treatment. An Uncle also died here – my wife came to main house to help with patients with her W.I.”


David Gurney


“As children we would ride our bikes up to the first gate just as it was getting dark. If our parents knew we definitely would have been in trouble. Going through the first gates we would stop 50 yards in where we could scare ourselves silly listening to the screams and cries from the patients. We knew we were above the padded cells. Only girls took this ride and usually in pairs - I always assumed the boys were too frightened” !




“Jack Russell was secretary – as a child I played with his daughter and often went to fete’s etc. There was a gardener, Mr Cox, he was a patient and the family would not have him back, so Fairfield was his home. As a child, if we played in the fields behind Hitchin, we were expected to return home immediately if the siren sounded. This informed us a patient “had escaped”!

I remember seeing patients each side of the entrance. Men one side, women the other.

It was a usual sight to see inmates walking past our home – some spoke to us. There was the lady who always cradled a doll. The one we called the professor he would walk past eyes down, repeating poetry.

One I remember clearly would buy us ice creams at the cricket matches or when he came into the village to watch the bowls.”


Glenys Ingrey










  Beverley  Fye

     I have sat here engrossed for a couple of hours reading all the different stories and facts about Fairfield Hospital .

You have gathered some great information! Thank you for sharing it ! I look for ward to updates.



Lawrence Butterfield

Great work Rich!. Its wonderful to see people like you are keeping the memories alive :)


Ian Turner

Hi there, I've just been reading your 3 Counties website. Very interesting!


James Grimard

Hi Rich, I’ve just discovered your site and think the work you have done quite remarkable!


Jeff Wren

Hi there.
I moved into the Hall last year and have really enjoyed finding out more about the history of the hospital

I would like to thank you  for putting together your excellent website.


Gary Fagan

                                  Hello ,I Have seen your website and think it is very good indeed,very informative.


                                                                                 Neil  Jarman

                 Hi Richard , I just like to say what a great website about the Fairfield Asylum ! highly interesting





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