Reginald Rowley murdered Muriel Gertrude Emery 21 in the grounds of Three Counties Hospital, Stotford, Beds between 18 and 19 August, 1943.


After being discharged from the army because of epilepsy he went around attacking girls.

On the night of the murder Muriel Emery had met her boyfriend in a grove of trees near to Three Counties Hospital, around 10pm left to return to the hospital. Reginald Rowley then crept up on her, strangled her and beat her to death with a piece of wood.


Reginald Rowley was not caught until 6 months later when he attacked an elderly storekeeper who survived and identified him.


He had shown police the lake where he threw the stick he beat her with and where he had dragged her 20 yards face down on 18 August 1944.


He was found guilty but insane and sent to a mental institution.


Born 6 Feb 1920 in Biggleswade (he was the bastard child of Miss Rowley)

 convicted at Bedford Assizes 20 May of murder and sentenced to penal servitude

married 1972 to Joan H Colebeck in St Albans and died in Stevenage  in 1988



News paper clippings detailing Reginald Walter Rowley and his involvement in the murder of Nurse Emery

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