Nice colour multi-view postcard, posted May 1908

multi view postcard showing the Asylum church, {St Luke's}, a nice wide shot of the Asylum front, and Arlesey high street with the Asylum entrance on the right

Bottom card Black and white version of the same card.

A very rarely seen post card of the London Chest Clinic

The chest clinic moved in to the old emergency hospital buildings in 1947

They needed a country side retreat for their convalescent patients

By the mid 1960’s the chest clinic had handed over all the hutted area and out buildings back to what was now Fairfield Hospital

Another really early postcard taken from the Arlesey High street entrance

The Asylum looks so near to us but in reality is quite a long way from the entrance this could be an illusion created by the photographer or because the trees and bushes had not yet matured thus not hiding the asylum from view

A nice view looking up Station Road

This is interesting because you can see the railway lines on the left hand side coming from the Three Counties Station and leading up to the Asylum, Lamb pub on the left {now demolished}, Arlesey cinema on the right {now demolished} and Brick ground pub on the right {now a children’s nursery

The row of cottages on the right still stand.

Early postcard showing the main entrance

A fantastic rare Three Counties Station unused post card

If you go to the location now you will see that it has all gone

{see pic below taken 12/5/09}  

You would never know the station had been there

Note the famous brick ground chimneys, they to have all gone.

If you look closely to the far right  towards the back ground you will notice to pointed roofs, these are brick built locomotive workshops, these still stand

{hidden slightly now by the over grown trees etc}

These are complete with the large pits in the floor that the engineers could use to walk under the locomotives and do any repairs.

A stunning Three Counties Asylum postcard

Note the clock tower has been removed from the top of the main entrance

this dates the post card to sometime after 1902.

Another  fantastic original postcard of the Three Counties Asylum

stamp and postmarked 1913. A wonderful front entrance view showing Nurses and Doctors taking a stroll. A rare look into the past that shows actual members of staff perhaps just taking a well earned break, it looks to be a sunny day with the tree’s in bloom, although we can see it must be breezy as the Nurses are in full dress uniform which is blowing in the wind, one nurse is holding her hat on!

Two very nice rare 1970’s Fairfield Hospital postcards

No post cards of the asylum are common

I have only ever seen these two with Fairfield Hospital on them.

Does anybody have any postcards with “Three Counties Hospital” on them?

I have never seen one, or any cards of the hospital in colour?

Two unusual views looking towards the main entrance

Note the original railings to the right of the picture

these were removed and new ones have been installed.

Three Counties Asylum

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