Derelict Areas

Step past the refurbished building, the lovely cut grass, the health club and coffee lounge and you will find elements of the old place that still survive untouched or derelict

nature is taking them back but they still stand silent as a testament to what once was.

      Part of an old gas works can be found derelict and almost hidden away by trees and bushes

Two lamp post disappearing from view

it won’t be long before one will be totally engulfed

The other is being taken over by ivy and other foliage

both stand on roads that have now gone

A give way road junction

This can still be seen protruding from under a new path and disappearing under the fence

Ivy is slowly taking over this old electricity block building

A road ramp warning block is slowly being taken back by nature

As you can see the road is now underneath the soil and plant life

In a short while you would never know it had been there.

The old original Three Counties Asylum Weigh bridge is still solid and will last forever it reads:








No 524


A chimney stack and pot protrudes through the bushes

on closer inspection this leads to a derelict room with a fireplace

A collapsing wall that starts nowhere and leads nowhere

Any ideas?

In 1965 Mike O’Donovan had his photo taken at this junction

 As it stands today  (below  10/10/09) in need of redevelopment

Back To The Wards

A very  large deep uncovered hole

This reveals cables and pipe work  leading off into all directions