Three Counties Staff Photographs

Here is a great collection of staff photos through the years

Some we can name and others are lost in time


Andy Fievez (far left) stands with a group of friends at Negra Chettys leaving party  1980’s

Prize giving - 1969

In this photo Noreen Fury, Mr Pinney, Ann Marie Quince.

               1960’s Photograph  showing Ann Marie Quince, Lyn Griffiths

Prize giving in nurses home dining room - 1969 In this photo yash juggesaur, John Hood, Ann Marie Quince.

Wonderful photo of  a group of nurses outside the main building

Circa 1920’s

This photo was sent in by Ed Kavanagh

(that’s him with the dirty shoes,his words not mine!)

                         Ed and his wife Myrtle worked at Fairfield from 1969-1975

    Ed was Senior Nursing Officer (personnel) and Myrtle was Occupational Health Sister






Another photograph from Ed Kavanagh

Taken outside the Nurses quarters on a prize giving day.

                                                  In this photo we can see:

Bottom row: The third man in with glasses is Dr Leslie Ford (medical superintendent,principle psychiatrist) …Second row third lady in is Sister Kitty Minoque…Third row from the left is, Arthur Pinney, Ted Doitchburn then with glasses Frank Knight… 12th position along black hair and black tie Frank Mays. Back row from left…Ed Kavanagh and his wife Myrtle

 Staff Group  photo outside the hutted area 1970s

Another great staff photo and another prize giving day

On the front row are the following:

Far left ..Mr Thornton, the Principal Tutor.. Mr Routledge the Chief Male Nurse.. Miss,B Casey, Matron…Mr.Kenneth Robinson,MP..Lt Col,Allen..

Dr Leslie  Ford..Miss Billington Deputy Matron


Second Row..From the left..?..D.I.Onwu..Margaret Mc’Kenna..

Miss E.D.Allan.. Hazel Dixon..Ernie Wilhelm Peters..? ?


Back Row From the left ..Roy Friend..Danny O’Riordan..Mike O’Donovan..Don Clark..Jimmy To.



A group of nurses pose for this picture near the main building unfortunately it is over exposed but it is still a rare and fantastic glimpse into the past.. Circa 1890’s

A group of Staff friends pose for the camera in the 1980’s


Top row...?... Bill Maskell....Alan Gazley... Betty Geoghegan.

 2nd row...? Pina Gatward...Nancy Masona...Florence Davies  

A relaxing time at TCA circa 1910

 Although it was a hard job with long hours looking after the patients this just shows there was time for relaxation. A band plays the music   (possibly the asylum band) while folks mingle on the lawn,. By the look of the Men’s clothing  this could have been a Cricket event

A wonderful group photograph of TCA Nurses circa 1920

The great thing about this photo is we can actually name most of them

From the left back row… Unknown…Charge Nurse Fossey …Elizabeth (Lizzie) East (married Edward Archer form Arlesey)

Bottom row from the left…Ethel Emily Walker (nee Devereux)…unknown…Elsie Field (her mother was Hitchin district Midwife)

Elsie Field posses in the grounds of TCA circa 1920s

Nurse Gladys Baldwin

Nurse Edna Blows (second from the right) poses in a very posh part of the asylum

Photograph was taken circa 1929

Nurse Edna  Blows  (1st right)

Posing with her  fellow nurses outside the asylum

Three Counties Hospital Gardeners Circa 1950s

John Hardman Eddie Honer Geoff Clinton Ron Lassiter

Flowrence May Brown

Started work at Three Counties Asylum on 22nd September 1914

A nice posed photograph of Nurse Ethel Emily Walker (nee Devereux)

What a picture !

A fantastic photograph of asylum staff circa 1900

Anyone recognise a relative?

Mr Cuthbert the employment officer with his calling card

Percy Robinson the Clerk of the works stands behind Jack Davies.

Percy’s Father had also been Clerk of the works.

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